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Everyone loves a summer wedding… a classic choice, beautiful weather, destinations galore, in-season flowers… the appeal is wide!  Following some simple summer wedding dos and don’ts will ensure your wedding party and guests enjoy every moment of your special day! 


MENU: Serve Light

Lighter food choices are a great fit for summer months. Choosing a seasonal menu that coincides with the farm to table trend will include fresh produce and grilled entrees. Think about finger foods that are easy to consume on the move as guests might be searching for the ‘coolest’ location of the reception. You can also choose refreshing items like popsicles, ice cream bars and cold signature drinks.


RELIEF: Provide Heat Relief

While you might have an affinity for the beautiful sunshine, it’s important to keep in mind the comfort of all guests attending your celebration. Please rest assured, that The Inn at Oneonta has thought through all of these details! Oneonta provides plenty of natural shade, as well as fans in the reception area of the property. Providing different forms of heat relief will give you the peace of mind that you put every effort in making your guests comfortable.


PLANNING: Extra time is required

Keep in mind that summer is prime traveling/vacation season and so sending your save-the-dates a few months earlier than a standard timeline might encourage is best; give your guests plenty of time to block out your event in the midst of their vacation planning.


The Inn at Oneonta is staffed with wedding planning experts that pride themselves on their ability to plan unique events around any time; relishing in the joys of every season, partnering with The Inn at Oneonta for your summer wedding is the best choice to ensure that you, your wedding party, and your guests will be comfortable and that your wedding day is as special as you’ve always dreamed.