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While each season brings its own joys to wedding planning, having a fall wedding really adds uniqueness and opportunities for personalization that can outnumber its warm and sunny rivals, spring and summer.


Creative Calendaring: Firstly, breaking out of the historically conventional schedule of holding a wedding in the late spring or summer is the first push towards personalization for your fall or winter wedding. No knack on the conventional intended, weddings have been historically scheduled in summer months to not only capture beautiful weather, but to also capitalize on work schedules, school schedules, and the general idea that taking vacations in the summer is widely accepted. You need to consider the overall schedule and geographic location of your wedding party and guests, it might influence the time of year you are able to schedule your wedding.


Charismatic Colors: The fall wedding color palette offers combinations that are warm, inviting, and often, naturally occuring. When your wedding includes colors that are found commonly in nature (neutrals, deep reds, greens) it adds depth and warmth to the overall vibe of your wedding; the comfortability factor is important in creating a welcoming environment for your guests. Not only do the colors invite warmth, but fall textures such as burlap or velvet add interest and style. Current wedding trends also highlight the comeback of pastels; when paired with a warm neutral, a pastel color palette can add levity and a touch of spring.


Clever Creations: You’ve picked the date, you have your color palette… what are some final choices for your fall wedding that can really add interest and intrigue? Creative elements! Flowers, Table Decor, Seating… each choice can make your wedding a truly special event. Natural floral choices such as wheat, pinecones, branches, color changing leaves, and moss bring the season’s beauty into your space. Replace conventional seating with wooden benches, tree-trunk stools, or for a more elegant touch, jewel toned velvet lounge chairs. If your budget doesn’t allow for replacing all available seating, think about choosing a ‘King & Queen’ set that make a statement for the head table.


Fall weddings hold so much potential when nature’s best is included in a tasteful way. Straying from overstated holiday cliches (think jack-o-lanterns) you can avoid a kitschy, crafty feel. Instead, inject natural elements and colors with classic and timeless choices and your fall wedding is sure to be a style success.

The Inn at Oneonta offers a perfect landscape for your fall wedding. We would welcome you on our property for a tour and to experience all of the natural elements we have that are available for your special day. Visit to learn more.