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With the blooming flowers and vibrant colors that come after the cold winter months, it’s easy to tell why so many couples like to get married during this season. If you’re one of those couples and want to mix it up with a fresh take on your spring wedding, this blog post is for you!

1. Floral Hair Accessories

There’s no better time of year than spring to add some blooms to your bridal hair look. There is a variety of ways to include this into your look, whether it be adding flowers to your braid, rocking a flower crown, or donning an intricate floral tiara. Wanting a more understated look? Opt for hair clips or pins.

2. Pastel Color Palette

Spring goes hand-in-hand with a pastel color palette. If you’re not sold on the idea of lots of color, add subtle pastel colors to your decor. Think pastel linens paired with neutral florals or vice versa. You can also keep all of your linens and flowers neutral and incorporate color into your bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen accessories. The options are endless.

3. Add a touch of spring to your outfits

We love a good floral or pastel pant, tie, or dress pattern. If you want to add a touch of these elements to your wedding day look, there’s no better time than springtime.

4. Bring it all outdoors

What says spring more than a garden wedding? Take advantage of the beautiful weather and lush greenery by hosting your special day outdoors. The more greenery you have at your venue, the less you have to decorate, which we call a win-win.

5. Line your aisles with flowers

Speaking of hosting your wedding outdoors, take it a step further by lining your ceremony aisles with fresh flowers. It offers a natural yet beautiful look and elevates your garden wedding in an instant.

7. Gift springtime-inspired favors

Wedding favors are always a tricky subject. On one hand, you want to gift your guests something as a thank you for celebrating your love with you while on the other, you don’t want to spend money on something that will inevitably get left behind. That’s why we love the idea of handing out seasonal favors such as wildflower seeds or mini plants.

8. Serve fresh cocktails

When creating your signature cocktail, opt for garnishes that are the epitome of spring. Whether that’s a delicate flower or in-season fruit, serving fresh cocktails with these subtle details during your cocktail hour is the perfect way to tie in the season in a small yet noticeable way.

Need a venue for the perfect spring wedding? We can help!

At The Inn at Oneonta, we prioritize creativity above all else. Constantly seeking new ways to entertain guests, cherish bridal parties, and partner with our clients to add unique touches to any special celebration! Now booking weddings for 2023 and 2024, visit to take a virtual tour of our property and to contact us for an on-site visit.

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