There are so many ways that you can personalize your wedding day….ways that don’t need to bust your budget or push your guests in to the ‘uncomfortable zone.’ Making memories last is about creating a sense of intimacy and uniqueness for you, your wedding party, and your guests. Whether you have 50 guests, or 350 guests, here are some ways that you can inject a feeling of closeness and personalization into your wedding day:

Staying together…
A weekend long wedding celebration or a one-day event; having your entire event in one location will make it feel like a non-stop celebration.
Think about the ‘in between’ times and what your guests will experience; 15 minutes here and there can add up in a good way! Down time is important so that your wedding party and guests aren’t exhausted and overwhelmed. It’s important to put thought into what’s available during those breaks so that guests have space and activities to relax. By choosing to stay in one location, you don’t have to plan those down-time spaces or activities- they’re built in, and often feel more organic and natural. A drink in the train station, a riverside seat, a few yard games on the lawn– all of these location-specific amenities allow for intimate gatherings and socialization.

Snail mail…
In our current society, it’s easy to ‘go digital.’ Wedding website, e-mail save-the-dates, etc. Using technology to communicate can be efficient but it lacks personalized intimacy. Don’t underestimate the power of snail mail! Everyone loves to get mail, and especially elaborate and intricately planned mail! Consider spending more of your budget on high quality save-the-dates and coordinating invitations. Paper quality, wax seals, and personalized wedding stationary are worth the splurge because they signal to your guests that your care for their experience is important and will be a priority when they attend.

Wedding favors….
Why wait until the end of the event to treat your guests? Everyone can appreciate the little trinket box filled with sweets sitting at their place setting; but including a new version of ‘thank-you’ communicates your gratitude ten-fold. Curated welcome bags or boxes that are waiting for your guests when they arrive to your event is worth the effort. This small token of appreciation is definitely warranted with destination weddings that include a longer stay, but even if your event is local, everyone appreciates a little extra love in the form of a personal welcome treat! Everyone loves surprises!

The Inn at Oneonta is committed to making each guests’ experience one of comfort and intimacy. Owners, Michelle and Travis, work diligently with each couple to individualize each event to help make lasting memories for both the wedding party and their guests. Choosing to prioritize intimacy and closeness on your special day is the best way to make lasting memories and fortify family and friend relationships.