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You’ve heard the quip ‘Happy Wife…Happy Life’?

Well, let us introduce ‘Happy Guest…. It’s the Best!’


There will be gushing… over your dress, over the amazing centerpieces, over the delicious buffet… all the normal ‘gushings’ of a grateful wedding guest.

But, go the extra mile for your guests and provide them with small acts of kindness and your wedding will shine above and beyond for many years to come. And, it’s not all about having the ‘best’ wedding, it’s about caring for your loved ones. Being a guest at a wedding is a special commitment, usually involving a financial and time commitment… you as the wedding host want to extend as many blessings as possible as a thank you for your guests commitment.


A Welcome Bag

Often left at the check-in desk at the hotel where the majority of your guests are staying, this little gift bag can be the best welcome boost your well-traveled guests can feel! Stuff it with little mementos of the area, protein bars, a map of your venue, bottles of water, the makings for a small cocktail…really, anything, because who doesn’t love a gift bag?!


Pre-Ceremony Refreshments

Choose a specialty cocktail or spritzer to serve to guests as they arrive at the ceremony! With all the specialty liquors and spirits available, you might even be able to craft one that fits the color scheme of your wedding. Keep it light and not too alcohol-heavy… this is to set the tone for your entire event, not over indulge your guests within the first 15 minutes of togetherness.


Warm them Up

Keep the homeostasis level of your guests in mind… their temperature! The only chill your guests should have in their bones is the one they get when they see you walking down the aisle! A rustic tub filled with rolled up blanket throws could be a nice touch for an outdoor ceremony in the fall. For females, you could provide them each with a pashmina scarf to be ‘wrapped in love.’ These pashminas could be color matched to your wedding’s color theme, making for some fabulous pictures.



Give your guests a break from stiff-toed dress shoes… Create a ‘Drop Shoes Here!’ section of your reception and, if it fits your theme, provide a bucket of flip-flops for them to choose from! Most guests want to take their shoes off for dancing time anyways, encouraging them to do so will make them feel right at home.


Late Night Snacks

As your reception comes to a close, serving your guests a night-cap in the form of salty or sweet carbs is always a welcome surprise! Depending on the serving style of your wedding, you could have wait staff carry trays of food through the dance floor, or, you could set up a casual mini-buffet easily accessible at your guests convenience. Warm pretzels with dips, a Poutine bar with french fries and fixins, a cheese coney bar, a loaded tater tot buffet… the options are endless and super delicious!


At The Inn at Oneonta, we prioritize creativity above all else. Constantly seeking new ways to entertain guests, cherish bridal parties, and partner with brides and grooms, the knowledgeable owners and operators of The Inn are well versed in the many ways to add unique touches to your wedding. Now booking weddings for 2021, visit to take a virtual tour of our property and to contact us for an on-site visit.