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Flowers are an important part of any wedding. They can add color and beauty to the big day, and they can also be used to symbolize different aspects of the wedding ceremony.  Looking for beautiful flowers for your wedding? You have come to the right place! This blog post will discuss the best flowers for weddings and provide tips on how to choose the perfect ones for your big day.

Best April Wedding Flowers

Sweet Pea: While most couples think of pink and peachy hues for sweet peas, the botanical also grows in brown and purple colorways as well.

Lily of the Valley: A favorite of the British royal family, this small bloom is great for an April garden wedding.

Hyacinth: Similar in shape to lilacs, hyacinth (which can be white, pink, or purple) works well in spring centerpieces that benefit from the plant’s height.

Best May Wedding Flowers

Peony: Peonies are beloved by many to-be-weds, but sadly have a relatively short growing season. Only a few lucky mid-Spring couples can utilize this lush flower in their designs.

Hydrangea: Great for large-scale installations at weddings, hydrangeas are at their peak before seasonal temperatures get hot, causing them to wilt.

Lilac: A quintessential spring flower, lilacs are a great option for May couples who want a bold pop of purple in their flower arrangements.

Best June Wedding Flowers

Rose: Roses can be procured almost anywhere during any time of the year, but they look especially great at June weddings. Since June is a transitional time as late spring gives way to early summer, some spring or summer flowers are hard to come by. However, the rose is a timeless standby that works in any wedding aesthetic.

Delphinium: Also known as larkspur, looks similar to Bells-of-Ireland or stock. Delphinium works well as ceremony aisle flowers because of the height it brings to arrangements.

Gardenia: Gardenias are especially fragrant flowers.  Care should be taken when deciding to incorporate them into boutonnieres or bouquets as some may have sensitivities to smell. Nevertheless, the spring flower is a beautiful option for romantic and elegant occasions.

Lisianthus: Lisianthus can sometimes be mistaken for roses, but the bloom is identifiable by the green stamen in the middle. Lisianthus is generally slightly smaller than rose blooms.  They work well as a boutonniere flower at early summer weddings.

Calla Lily: Another great boutonniere flower, calla lilies generally bloom in early summer. The sleek, long-stemmed botanical blends nicely with glam-themed weddings.

Gerbera Daisy: Gerbera daisies, along with other daisy varieties, are a solid option for DIY summer backyard weddings and come in a variety of bright colors.

Best August Wedding Flowers

Protea: When it comes to deciding on the best flowers for each season, aesthetics should be considered in addition to seasonality. Protea, for example, has a fairly long growing season and can be procured beyond just the month of August. However, the unique bloom has an innate summer look about it, making it a strong contender for August flower arrangements.

Zinnia: The growing season for Zinnias lasts from late spring through early fall, but the vibrant flowers are generally at their peak in August.

Cosmos: For couples who like petite blooms but are getting married during the summer.  This time sweet peas and lilies of the valley are unavailable.  Cosmos are a good replacement. The flowers have narrow stems and small blooms but are swoon-worthy.

Best September Wedding Flowers

Dahlia: Dahlias are like the peonies of fall. Both blooms are highly sought after by couples but are only available for short periods. To-be-weds tying the knot in September, however, are in luck as dahlias are readily available at this time.

Marigold: Especially popular as decor for Indian weddings, marigolds work well when strung into garlands for backdrops and installations at late summer and early fall weddings.

Carnation: Carnations are another flower that is generally available throughout the year.  Carnation stylistically looks most at home during the summer months. Carnations, like ranunculus, pair well with roses and are a good stand-in for the times of the year when ranunculus flowers may be harder to procure.

Best October Wedding Flowers

Dahlia: Dahlias come in an astonishingly wide variety of colors and shapes, so there’s sure to be an option that fits any wedding style.

Chrysanthemum: Chrysanthemums feature a similar petal structure to dahlias but tend to be their more budget-friendly counterpart.

Amaranthus: Amaranthus is one of the few flowers that hang down instead of standing up, making it a good option for cascading bridal bouquets.

Best November Wedding Flowers

Scabiosa: Visually similar to summery cosmos, scabiosa flowers add a nice pop of texture and color to fall arrangements.

Celosia (Cockscomb) Celosia can take on two styles.  Celosia generally either resembles sea coral, growing in rounded bunches, or takes on a feather-like quality, growing up into tapered points. But no matter which style it takes on, celosia blooms in a vibrant variety of jewel-toned colorways.

No matter what flowers you choose for your wedding, they’re sure to add beauty and elegance to your big day.

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