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Has wedding stress ever caused you to yell, “let’s just elope!”? Even the calmest of couples can get frazzled when trying to plan their perfect wedding. If you’re not quite wanting the austerity of an elopement, but don’t want the stress of a big wedding, a “micro wedding” may be perfect for you. Let the Inn at Oneonta take the stress out of the planning, creating an all-inclusive wedding package to make your wedding dreams a reality!


Now, more than ever, intimate weddings are in style. Of course right now it is due to the constraints of gathering sizes due to public health concerns, but there are lots of upsides to this type of nuptials. Gone is the drama of large wedding parties, the frustrations of needing to pick and choose what to spend your budget on. These “micro weddings” are something worth considering even as you book your wedding out to the future.


Booking your wedding at the Inn at Oneonta means that if you opt for a smaller guest list, each guest could all stay on the property together. There are even different buildings to accommodate guests’ preferences. If you’d like, you can use the Cottage for your honeymoon suite, the Guest House for the soon to be parents-in-law to bond, and the Main House for your wedding party to, well, party!


For your ceremony you can opt for either the onsite chapel or in our gazebo overlooking the Ohio River, both with their own unique beauty and charm.


Have your cake and eat it too! With a smaller guest lists, you can have quality time with every one of your guests and most especially with your new spouse. You can spend your reception enjoying every carefully planned detail, rather than needing to run around making sure you get a minute or two with each guest.


Concentrating your guest list means that you can create more memories with your nearest and dearest. When you book your wedding at the Inn at Oneonta, you’re not just getting a place to sleep at night, but a place to unwind and connect.


The Inn at Oneonta, is your Northern Kentucky all-inclusive outdoor wedding venue! Our event staff will help plan a wedding package that will give you memories for a lifetime. You can visit us right now from wherever you are through virtual tours on our website!