It’s hard to believe in 2 months we’ll be listening to the countdown…10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1… Happy New Year! It’s 2020! And a few chilly months after that, we’ll start to see signs of life outdoors, we’ll be finalizing our spring break plans, and looking forward to lighter jackets and the revival of the beloved flip-flops. Time does seem to speed by when we’re busy doing other things… but wedding season 2020 will be here in no time, treating us to new trends in fashion, colors, and other details. So, throw on an extra cozy blanket and let’s fast forward to see some spring wedding trends that we are looking forward to!


Wedding Dresses: Probably the most surprising trend in wedding dress fashion to expect this Spring is floral print. Closely related to your grandmother’s bathroom wallpaper, this modern take on floral print is a delight when paired with classic design lines of sweetheart necklines, ball gown poufs, and sleek mermaid cuts. Whether is be a bold print that is the showstopper, or a sash or smaller scale presence of florals, the floral print is in!


Menus for the Masses: as a culture we are becoming more aware and inclusive in regards to people’s eating habits, preferences, and requirements. With the partnership of a flexible and willing caterer, menu planning is trending towards being more inclusive, making way for vegetarian, vegan, and allergy-free menus that are not set apart but rather integrated into the overall menu concept. Offering a variety of cuisines as well as drink options (think non-alcoholic as well!) shows care and consideration for your guests which in turn benefits your friendships and relationships.


Colors that are a’comin: According the The Knot, a popular wedding trend and idea website, several hues are scheduled to appear in 2020. To quote, “expect to see a lot of neo mint, a.k.a. The new millennial pink, cassis, not quite pink, not quite purple; yellow, a mellow, rich hue with earthy undertones; and faded denim, a blue that [is] equally fresh and serene.”

These colors are sure to show up in the traditional ways (napkins, bridesmaids colors, invitations, flowers, etc.) but they will also dominate in new and interesting wedding decor such as spray painted fake florals, balloons, and colored pearls! 


To the Max: sleek and slender are on the way out and puffed and exaggerated are on the train into wedding-town. Big sleeves, large embellishments, lace, and poofed ball gowns are in; creating a ‘regal undertone’ to the overall fashion of 2020. Above and beyond is trending while the understated is being swept under; people crave a statement, a specific and bold choice is to be applauded in 2020!

The Inn at Oneonta thrives on the ever-changing cycle of wedding trends and ideas. Owned and operated by Michelle and Travis Faris, creativity and unique perspectives are a given when you book your event at the Inn. The Inn has built in boldness in it’s architectural elements but also pairs that boldness with the subtlety and beauty of nature. A perfect blend to help your special day shine!