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Planning a wedding in the age of ‘Social-Media Overload’ can be just that: an overload. WIth never-ending Pinterest boards, professional Instagram influencers, and your personal friend circle on Facebook…ideas, and opinions about ideas, are abundant and sometimes overwhelming. They are enough to leave any bride fixated on finding the next best idea and making sure all the details of the special day are unique and special. 


We aren’t knocking this creative process at all! In fact, we support and understand the need for sharing, the need for inspiration, and the cyclical nature of wedding trends and ideas! Sharing and gaining inspiration from those that have been through the process already is key to understanding the elements to include, or leave out, when it’s time to plan your own wedding. 


Originally compiled, with photographs, by Australian blogger Sophia Tolli, we’d like to highlight some great wedding ideas that we think fall under the ‘Oh, I wish I would’ve done that at my wedding!” Unique but timeless additions to your wedding that will add that extra sparkle to your guests’ experience. 


Live Artist: Hire a painter or sketch artist to capture your ceremony or reception in an art medium other than photography. Well worth the financial splurge, setting up an artist in a special corner will produce not only a treasured keepsake, but a great conversation started for your guests.

Take Out Boxes: Whether it be for the cake, or our very popular- house made ricotta donuts, decorative take-out boxes for guests to fill on their way out the door. Include a small, disposable utensil to tie to the top.

Table Photos: For each numbered table, include pictures of the bride and groom at that age. Table #1 will have adorable baby pictures, while Table #13 might show some laughable middle school moments.

Pop of Color: Add a pop of color by adding a layer of colored Tulle under your wedding dress…with matching bold shoes! No one will have to know until the dancing begins!

Special Bond: If you would like a special group of your guests (sorority, fraternity, college roommates, cousins, etc.) to be recognized, consider a single flower for those in that group to wear. A yellow rose, for example, symbolizes friendship.


Inspiration is the start of crafting a unique and special wedding day. A day for you to cherish and also a day for your closest family and friends to remember for the rest of their lives. Don’t let the pressures of social media burden your creative process, but instead, be inspired by others’ ideas and then stay true to your taste and style. 

The Inn at Oneonta is the perfect backdrop and foundation for your special day. Our historic and beautiful landscapes are painted by nature itself…trees, sunshine, flowers; when you book your wedding at The Inn, be assured that you will have no lack of inspiration to make your wedding day special.