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Choosing flowers for your wedding day is one of the most creative and exciting parts of the wedding planning process. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as pointing at a paint chip color and declaring a price… it’s a delicate process that requires a little more thought and intentionality. All of the details of your wedding are equally important- no one wants to nurse a decision-making headache. Choosing your flowers should be a fulfilling and fun experience; it requires a working knowledge of your venue’s offerings, the ability to clearly communicate your desires, and flexibility.


Let your venue dictate your needs…

Your wedding locale will influence your floral needs and decisions. For example, if your wedding is being hosted outside, nestled in nature’s beauty…your flowers can be kept to a minimum (you can make a bigger impression with fewer flowers). Choose arrangements that look like they belong…where clusters of wildflowers might compliment your natural outdoor wedding, they might not jive with a grand ballroom. In the same vain, ultra-modern ‘glam’ arrangements that are delicately designed might not seem right in a rustic setting. Your reception table configuration will also greatly influence the style and shape of your arrangements. Don’t get your heart set on an exact flower plan until you’ve visited and committed to your wedding venue and taken into consideration your surroundings.


Clearly Communicate….

Florists are creative and artistically driven individuals; but, they can’t perform miracles without clear communication from their clients. When you have your planning meeting with your florist, it’s important to start with your budget. While money can sometimes lead to awkward conversations, you need to put it on the table so that the florist knows their limitations and possibilities. When you are shown options, pictures, or examples…be as descriptive as possible when you convey your ‘yes’ and your ‘no.’ Your florist will be able to make modifications and substitutions, especially when it comes to specific flowers, but your ability to clearly communicate will ensure that everyone is on the same page about design, budget, and your personal preferences.


Be Flexible…

Be aware that some flowers might be out of season, or might be out of your price range, or might be unusable in the size and style of your arrangements. Your florist will help you find substitutes for favorites; garden roses swapped for peonies, and hydrangeas can disguise as sweet peas. Certain flowers will come in many different colors; so be able to decide if you love the ‘rose that matches your bridesmaid dress’ or, what you are really after is a ‘pink bloom that matches your bridesmaid dress.’ Your flexibility and ability to trust your chosen industry professional is crucial in flower success!


The Inn at Oneonta is a venue that provides natural landscapes, abundance of nature, and the perfect backdrop for your wedding flowers. The staff are knowledgeable and will be glad to guide you with your flower choices based on their previous experience. Come take a tour of our property and experience the natural beauty!