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Wedding favors can help set the tone for a wedding, giving an impression of the couple. Favors can show what the couple enjoys, a sense of humor, something practical and customized, shared hobby, or something particular to an important location. 

Favorite things:

Have a sweet tooth? Share your favorite candy bar with your own customized label on top.  Love books? Get some used copies of your favorites and stack them to create a unique centerpiece for your guest to take home afterwards. Get miniature boxes of your favorite cereals and have them available for guests to grab on their way out.

Humor: In these COVID times a sweetly wrapped roll of toilet paper makes a funny and useful gift. Bring some noisy nostalgia with kid’s kazoos or harmonicas. How about a hangover kit for your guests with a small bottle of water, packets of aspirin, and tissues?

Practical: Simple and sweet, you can’t go wrong with a nice bar of homemade soap with custom label. A box of matches can be handy and spark conversation throughout the year. Sunglasses can make for fun pictures with your guests and come in handy on sunny days.

Hobby: Have a green thumb? A packet of seeds with a “let love grow” label makes a memorable favor. Enjoy card games? Get playing cards customized with your faces and a picture. Like to cook? A grater makes a quirky and cheesy gift, whisks in a vase can make a fun display, or a customized pot holder might be nice.


Location, location, location. Provide something for your quests pertaining to a location important to you. Perhaps honey or maple syrup from your hometown? A small bottle of wine to reflect the trip you took to California? Give some energy to your guests with coffee from the coffee shop where you had your first date. Or if you want to make it particular to your wedding here at the Inn at Oneonta, consider including a can of Skyline chili, a Bourbon glass, or maybe a horse-track memento— anything Kentucky themed with a bow on it could be a unique touch!

At The Inn at Oneonta, we delight in making your wedding day reflect you. Constantly seeking new ways to entertain guests, cherish bridal parties, and partner with brides and grooms, the knowledgeable owners and operators of The Inn are well versed in the many ways to add unique touches to your wedding. Now booking weddings for 2021, visit to take a virtual tour of our property and to contact us for an on-site visit.